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Hannay's of Kirkdale



The Hannay's of the Kirkdale Estate

Kirkdale House near Gatehouse of Fleet, Scotland


The Hannay family first came to Kirkdale in 1532 from Sorbie in Wigtownshire in the west of Dumfries and Galloway. In the 17th century, members of the family were involved with the covenanters, sat in Parliament and at one time Kirkdale was used as a staging post for Irish mercenaries going to Sweden.

The present Kirkdale House was built by Sir Samuel Hannay from local granite to plans by Robert Adam between 1780 and 1787. Sir Samuel became wealthy as a manufacturer of chemicals and drugs in London where he was at one time M.P. for Westminister. He made several fortunes and lost them gambling, dying in considerable debt.

Despite a fire which destroyed the center of the house in 1893, the outside remains one of the few unaltered original Adam exteriors in Scotland.


Some Gordon Connections to the Hannay's

Although my Gordons don't seem to be related to the Hannays, I have documented three marriages between the Hannay's of Kirkdale and some Gordons.

Coincidentally, James Gordon,  my 4th great grandfather, leased the Claughread farm on the Kirkdale Estate from about 1806 to 1848 until he retired.

Gordon-Hannay marriages

Lieut Col. Robert Gordon of Larglanglee married Susan Hastings Hannay Rainsford, the daughter of Captain Thomas Rainsford, on 30 November 1848 at Kirkdale House, Kirkmabreck Parish, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Elizabeth Gordon, daughter of Alexander Gordon of Castramont, married William Hannay of Kirkdale son of Patrick A'Hannay and Agnes Dunbar in the early 18th Century.

James Gordon, Esq of Culvennan married Janet Hannay, daughter of Johnstone Hannay of Firs and Balcarry and Penelope McCullough, on 17 September 1816.

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